I need help in Gdansk!!!

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I need help in Gdansk!!!

Postprzez viper83 » 2017-11-05, 12:04

Hello guys. Sorry, if I wrang with forum. I'm from Minsk, Belarus. I travelled to Gdansk an yesterday my torque converter is broken near with Gdansk. I can not select D, R - nothing working. Turbine plate in the torque converter is broken. Now I'm in the apartment on Gdansk. My torque converter is not a stock. I have a very limited time, because I must go back to Minsk by 8 November - my Polish visa ends 9 November. So, guys, my questions are:
- does anybody from Gdansk know good transmission and torque converter repair station?
- does anybody from Gdansk has a stock torque converter with stock adapter plate? Thar should be great, because in this case I just change my converter to new one and go back to home on car
- if my car will stay here, on repair station, I need anybody from your, guys, to help me to make a contact with repair station.

Please, help. I'm in really bad situation. Thanks

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Do艂膮czy艂(a): 2017-11-05, 11:40
Model: Mustang 08 gt
Silnik: V8 4.6
Kolor: Blue

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